About Us

Ben Porat Yosef (BPY) is an Orthodox yeshiva day school that strives to develop each child's ahavat Hashem and yirat Hashem; inspire, challenge and engage each learner; celebrate our dual Sephardic/Ashkenazic heritage and traditions; empower and connect students through Hebrew language fluency; and build a warm and caring community with chessed as a central focus. 
We are committed to providing our students with an outstanding foundation for all of their future pursuits in education and in life. BPY also prides itself on its warm, nurturing, family-type atmosphere; this warmth and communal feel is interwoven into the educational philosophy of the school. 
We invite you to look through our website and visit us in person to learn more about our school, mission and vision for each student, and get a genuine sense of the education we seek to achieve and the middot we seek to instill. We look forward to greeting you!