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Ben Porat Yosef has a comprehensive guidance program in place overseen by our full-time school psychologist, Dr. Talia Hindin. Dr. Hindin is a vital member of BPY’s educational team who helps students with their personal/social development and academic achievement, ensuring they are happy, productive and self-fulfilled students at school.


BPY’s guidance program includes, but is not limited to, the following components:

  • In-class activities focused on social/emotional skills;
  • Middle School student workshops addressing navigating the complex world of adolescence;
  • Small group sessions to address social skills, conflict resolution;
  • Classroom observations;
  • Parent workshops and communications with parents, providing guidance and advice;
  • Referrals to outside therapeutic advisers when necessary;
  • Teacher consultation and collaboration; and
  • Communication and collaboration with outside service providers.


Dr. Hindin also works with BPY’s admissions team to screen potential students, and she conducts regular check-ins with students who require addition support. She encourages parents to contact her at or 201-845-7005 ext. 23 for additional information about the guidance services offered at BPY.