BPY in the Jewish Link

5-28-24 BPY Celebrates Yom HaAzma'ut

5-28-24 BPY 5th Graders Take a Field Trip

5-10-24 BPY Celebrates ‘Poem in Your Pocket’ Day

5-10-24 BPY Commemorates Yom HaShoah

4-12-24 Ben Porat Yosef Brothers Medal at MAWA Regionals

4-12-24 BPY MS Makes Bio Domes

4-12-24 BPY Holds Heritage Fair

4-12-24 The Season of Our Freedom by Rabbi Saul Zucker

4-5-24 BPY Second Graders Visit the Theater


3-29-24 BPY 5th Grade reads the Megillah


3-15-24 BPY Welcomes King Achashverosh!


3-6-24 BPY Students Hold State Fair

3-6-24 BPY Hosts Shabbaton And Melava Malka

3-6-24 The Avalanche Wins The Championship

3-1-24 BPY Holds Discovery Learning Day


2-23-24 BPY Celebrates Sharsheret Pink Day!


2-20-24 BPY Students Celebrate Mesibat Chumash

2-20-24 BPY MS Stands for Israel

2-9-24 BPY Marks Groundhog Day

2-9-24 BPY Gan Enjoys Winter Wonderland

2-2-24 BPY Students Have Shabbat-in

2-2-24 BPY First Graders Celebrate Mesibat Siddur

2-2-24 Meet the Newest BPY Discovery Room Member

1-19-24 BPY Celebrates MLK Day

1-19-24 BPY First Grade Preps For Mesibat Siddur

1-12-24 BPY Students Celebrate Publishing Party

1-12-24 BPY Students Begin State Projects

1-12-24 BPY Bolts Are ‘Striking’ This Season

1-12-24 BPY Has Math Fun With Puzzles

12-22-23 1-2-3-4, BPY Has Color War

12-22-23 BPY Takes Field Trip to Society of Illustrators Museum

12-15-23 BPY Celebrates Mesibat Toshba

12-15-23 BPY Celebrates Channukah

12-8-23 BPY Science Students Float

12-8-23 BPY Gives GrowTorah Garden Update

12-8-23 Rabbi Dov Emerson to Join BPY as Associate Head of School

12-1-23 BPY Gan Learns About Fall

12-1-23 BPY Celebrates Spirit Day

11-24-23 BPY Goes to the Moon and Back

11-17-23 Rally in DC

11-17-23 BPY Cleans Up the River

11-17-23 BPY Marks Veterans Day

11-17-23 BPY Students Make Chanukah Bags for Ofakim

11-17-23 The Humble Toast Sportstar Of the Week: Judah Tracer

11-10-23 Ben Porat Yosef Welcomes Shlichim Back From Israel

11-10-23 Avraham and Sarah Visit BPY

11-10-23 BPY Celebrates Rav Kook

11-3-23 BPY Gan Keshet Hosts Basketball a thon for Israel!

11-3-23 BPY Goes Apple Picking

10-27-23 Ben Porat Yosef Presents ‘Memories of the Mizrach,’ An Oral History Project

10-27-23 BPY Mathematicians Explore Shapes

10-27-23 BPY Students Learn About Light

10-27-23 Parshat Lech Lecha Today

10-20-23 schools Unite In Tefillah

10-20-23 BPY Loves Israel

10-20-23 BPY Has After School Programs

10-13-23 BPY Hosts First Mommy and Me

10-13-23 BPY Begins Parent Child Learning

9-22-23 BPY Visits Ring Homestead

9-22-23 GrowTorah Begins Season At Ben Porat Yosef

9-14-23 BPY Toddlers Celebrate Rosh Hashanah