Middle School

The BPY middle school curriculum emphasizes both skills acquisition and the ability to apply those skills in meaningful ways both in the classroom and in the community at large. The curriculum features a full array of academic coursework which prepares our students for the rigorous expectations of high school. In addition, our teaching staff is cognizant of the importance of the students' social-emotional growth which is addressed during Advisory class, a non-academic course focused on supporting students, executive functioning skills, and digital citizenship in the modern age. 

At BPY, we promote an equitable, just, diverse, and inclusive community within our academic program. We teach both Sephardic and Ashkenazic customs and prayers. The purpose of teaching this diversity is to develop an appreciation of differences, pride in each heritage’s unique aspects, and recognition that together we constitute Am Yisrael. This same sense of respect and appreciation is related to the different learning styles of our many students. Our teachers use a variety of modalities to meet all students’ needs. Students are taught to identify and appreciate their own learning styles while respecting each other’s differences. 

The general studies program at BPY middle school builds upon the pedagogical philosophy introduced in the elementary school and provides our students with a superior general studies education, while maintaining BPY’s commitment to educate our students in a nurturing environment that promotes a love of Torah and Eretz Yisrael. Student curiosity is fostered as they hone their reading, writing, science, and math skills. Exploration and application of learning are just some of the ways that students are able to synthesize what they have learned and gain a deeper understanding of the skills taught.

In each subject of the Judaic studies department, and in each grade, the teachers focus on skills that allow the students to become independent learners, deep thinkers, and most importantly, to be able to analyze and compare sources and Mefarshim. The teachers focus on engaging the students and making the Torah, its laws, history, and roots extremely relevant to the students’ lives. Planting the seeds of love and passion for Torah and Ahavat HaShem is a daily goal of the educators in middle school. While middle school limudei kodesh is taught Ivrit b’Ivrit, all classes are tracked to ensure that children can attain both language skills and content. 
Students in the middle school have an opportunity to partake in a dynamic course load of academic subjects and explore their multiple intelligences through robust elective offerings and a variety of extracurricular options that are both academic and non-academic. The electives allow students to collaborate with students from different grades who share common interests including music, studio art, STEM, finance, athletics and more. The extracurricular program includes participation in sports teams, Debate, Torah Bowl, Names Not Numbers, Memories of the Mizrach, STEM, Noetic math competitions, and other programs that enhance the students’ well-rounded educational experience.

As middle school is an important period of academic and emotional growth, it is also a crucial transitional period as students look ahead to their high school experience. Students and their parents are guided through the process of preparing for and applying to high school. We partner with our parents from start to finish in order to assist students in understanding the application process and prepare our students so that they can eloquently present themselves during the entire admissions process.