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Ben Porat Yosef is proud to offer a comprehensive physical education program as part of our curriculum and a co-curricular athletics program. BPY's building houses a couple of expansive gymnasiums, one of which has a full-size basketball court and bleachers. We are proud to offer a dedicated coaching staff committed to helping our students enjoy their athletic experiences and build essential skills that will help them succeed in all areas of life. 

Students grades K-8th have P.E. twice a week in which they integrate different forms of physical activity into their day and strengthen essential skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship while learning different sports. BPY also offers an athletics program in which boys and girls 6th-8th grade students can try out to participate in either our Boys Varsity Basketball Team, 6th Grade Boys Basketball Team, Boys Soccer Team, Varsity Girls Basketball Team, and Girls Soccer Team. Eachteam meets after school for practice and we compete against other Yeshivot in the Y.M.S.S.A league. Games are played against other Jewish day schools in the tri-state area both at home on our full-size court in our main gym, as well as away games where our teams travel to play games in other schools. While healthy competition can be enjoyable and beneficial to students, BPY is more focused on inculcating values of achdut, partnership and gamesmanship in our student athletes.