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Sarah Bartges   
Sarah Bartges, Associate Principal of the Middle School, is a passionate science teacher who is thrilled to join BPY's administrative team. Sarah received her B.A. in Environmental Policy from Barnard College and her M.A. in Biology for Secondary School Education from the City College of New York (CCNY). During the past decade teaching secondary school math and science at Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science & Engineering, the Rudolf Steiner School, and the Idea School in New Jersey, Sarah has developed and implemented a curriculum that leads from a place of inquiry, engagement, and questioning. Focusing on the Next Generation Science Standards, Sarah developed and implemented the new science program at BPY. Sarah also served as the Education Director for the Rockland Farm Alliance, a nonprofit working to support and expand sustainable agriculture in Rockland County, where she helped inner city public school students experience organic farming in Upstate New York.
Whether it is working in the garden, building giant bobsled tracks for BPY’s Physics Olympics, or teaching all the middle schoolers how to knit, Sarah’s creativity and enthusiasm permeate the school and she brings amazing knowledge and energy to BPY. As Middle School Associate Principal, Sarah will be working to enhance the synergy between the Judaic and General Studies curriculum, expand the opportunities for rigorous cross-curricular programming, provide mentorship and coaching to faculty, and coordinate and revitalize the Middle School organizational structure to enable teachers and students to have support systems to enable long term growth and development. Sarah can be contacted at [email protected].