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Grandparent Circle

Grandparents are vital members of the Ben Porat Yosef community. The Ben Porat Yosef Grandparent Circle is an annual program designed to further your involvement in your grandchild(ren)’s life and develop a closer connection to their education.

Your annual Grandparent Circle gift to Ben Porat Yosef’s Annual Fund enables us to provide your grandchildren with an exceptional yeshiva education and the best opportunities for the next generation. The Grandparent Circle provides you with the opportunity to significantly impact the Ben Porat Yosef community and help support our mission.

As a member of the growing Ben Porat Yosef Grandparent Circle, you will receive numerous benefits, listed below.  Thank you for your support and commitment to Ben Porat Yosef.

To join the Ben Porat Yosef Grandparent Circle or become involved with BPY’s programs and volunteer opportunities, please contact the Development Office at [email protected].

 Grandchildren are the crowning glory  of their Grandparents.