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Day of Learning

Sponsoring a day or week of learning at BPY is a meaningful way to acknowledge a special milestone or to honor or memorialize a loved one.


When you dedicate a day of learning, the day or week of learning sponsorship message (provided by the sponsor) will be:

  • Emailed to entire BPY school community (standalone email)
  • Announced in morning announcements by our Head of School


Dedications start at $180/day. If preferred, sponsorship can remain anonymous.


Submit the form below and we will send you a confirmation email with the details once they're finalized. For any questions, please reach out to


Sample Dedications:

  • Today's Day of Learning is dedicated by Hannah and David Cohen to commemorate the yahrtzeit of David's father, Shimon ben Ethan Cohen, z"l, beloved grandfather of Isabella (5), Leah (4), and Aria (K)
  • This week of learning is dedicated by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Katz in honor of the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Rachel (8)