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BPY Dinner

Thank you for joining us at our first Virtual Celebration honoring BPY's faculty and staff and our medical committee: Dr. Jennifer Chester, Dr. Maureen Nemetski, and Nurse Dara Silverstein. The event recording can be viewed here.

We will continue to accept contributions to our Annual Fund. Please support BPY as generously as possible by donating below.  Pledges can also be made by emailing Thank you for your support! 


2021 Scroll of Honor


Laura and Ben Abboudi
Daniela and Michael Abittan
Sarah and Oren Adler
Rabbi Julia Andelman
Merce and Richard Andron
Rachel and Josh Aron
Sarah Bartges and Gil Ohana
Julia and David Baruch
Norma and Victor Bellino
Tracy and Moyses Benguigui
Erica and Arnaud Bensoussan
Laura and Lenny Berner
Tzivia Bieler
Jennifer and Shmuel Bieler
Debbie and Akiva Block
Sarah and Michael Blum
Tamar and Ben Blumenthal
Yvette and Ari Braunstein
Liz Brauser
Sophie and Eitan Buchbinder
Yani and Jeremy Chernikoff
Ellen Cherrick
Jennifer and Alexander Chester
Fern and Jerry Chester
Adeena and Nathaniel Cohen
Tzippy and Daniel Cohen
Jodi and Shaul Cohen
Faye and Doron Cohen
Jacklyn and Yoni Cohen
Danielle and Joseph Cohen
Elizabeth Cohen and Daniel Levy
Lisa Covel
Samuel Daitch and Yehudit Robinson
Sarah and Jonathan Dauber
Talia and Isaac Dayan
Mitchell Dayan
Deanna Drew
Joan and Warren Enker
Kara and Oren Epstein
Seryl and David Erlichman
Lori Fein and Martin Ramirez
Tamar and Ephraim Feman
Mona and Michael Fishbane
Jackie and Joshua Fulop
Ayala and Almog Geva
Cheryl and Jeremy Ginsburg
Joshua Glazer
Michele and David Glazer
Shulie and Joel Glazer and family
Paula and Jonathan Gold
Gerald Goldfischer
Stacy and Seth Goldstein
Cookie and Nathan Gonik
Margaret Gonik
Anna and Ronen Grady
Julie and Adam Groveman
Jan and Andy Groveman
Gurevich Family Foundation
Marina and Andrew Gutwein
Dori and Jay Haberman
Chagit Hadar
Ariel and Jared Harary
Gila and Michael Harary
Susan Helft and Joshua Drazen
Ilana Hendlish and Yishai Lemberger
Tammy Hepps
Sari and Elad Hibsher
Talia and Yair Hindin
Toby and Avraham Holtz
Emma and Uri Horowitz
Peggy and Robert Insel
Tova Isseroff
Serena and Michael Jenkelowitz
Shmuel Jonas
Mayah Judovits
Heather and Chaim Kagedan
Chana and Daniel Kalai
Carla and David Kandel
Renee and MB Klyman
Samantha Katz and Lawrence Koutcher
Deena and Howie Kestenbaum
Ronna and Ken King
Sharon Kinstlinger
Dina Klein
Yosefa and Morris Knoll
Jessica and Yehuda Kohn
Ayelet and Yitz Kopel
Yardanna and Mordechai Koppel
Jason Koutcher
Harvey Kramer
Jennifer and Nir Lavi
Sydell and Enrique Levy
Elinor and Maury Litwack
Carl Lopkin
Jana and Daniel Malka
Leebie Mallin and Shalom Holtz
Naomi and Richard Maron
Cherie and Steve Mayer
Allison and Jeffrey Miller
Judith and Aaron Mitrani
Liz and Alan Mitrani
Michelle and Robert Mizrahi
Tamar and Uri Moche
Rachie and Charles Moche
Karen and Elliot Nemetski
Maureen and Moshe Nemetski
Mindy and Steve Noll
Aleksey Nudelman
Nicole and Ronnie Obadiah
Laurie Phipps
Berti Pilosof
Susan Heller Pinto and Cesare Pinto
Charles Popper
Sara and Samuel Popper
Shoshana and Rabbi Chaim Poupko
Yehiel Poupko
Bruce Prince
Yael and Steven Rabitz
Laureen and Navid Rahmani
Simone and Jason Rebhun
Jessica and Sam Ritter
Cori Robinson and Rabbi Gavriel Bellino
Fara and Yitz Rosenberg
Lauren Hedvat Rosenberg
Michele and Mordy Rosenberg
Steve Rosenberg
Sarah and Joseph Rosenfeld
Ruth and Philip Roth
Shoshi and Ben Ryp
Talya Safier
Dana and Adam Sasouness
Sara and Richie Schlussel
Deborah and Jack Schuss
Rachel Barber Schwartz and Daniel Schwartz
Douglas Segal
Tamar and Shai Shicly
Miriam and Robert Shumaker
Inna and Howie Siegel
Ronnie Siegel
Dara and Jason Silverstein
Susie and Scott Smedresman
Lillian and Melvin Solomon
Tamara and Rich Solomon
Sharon and Richard Sommer
Karen and Michael Sorkin
Daniella and David Spier
Ilana Sperling
Debbie and Avi Stein
Shlomit and Jonathan Stein
Aliza and Chanan Strassman
Perele and Albert Stulman
Gabriella Szanto
Carly and Alex Teichman
TisBest Philanthropy
Jamie and Asher Toporovsky
Sipporah and Daniel Tracer
Nava Unterman and Eitan Ulmer
Ilana and Boaz Vega
Dr. Joel and Rochelle Verstaendig
Susan and Mark Wiesen
Rachel and Jacob Weinstein
Lili Weitzen, Her Children and Her Grandchildren
Seth Wenig and Naomi Lubarr
Maida and Arthur Yagoda
Beth and Ariel Zell
Diana and Evan Zisholtz
Moshe Zucker
Cindy and Rabbi Saul Zucker
Rachel Zuckerbrot and Jeffrey Kantowitz