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Parent Ambassadors

The BPY families are the central life force of our school!! Our Parent Ambassadors can tell you from personal experience about BPY and what it is like to enjoy all that BPY offers to children and families. 
Please feel free to contact any of our Parent Ambassadors to learn more about BPY from an individual perspective. They are happy to share their insights and are waiting to hear from you!
The Abergel Family 
Laura and Eric Abergel
Fort Lee, Sephardic Congregation of Fort Lee
Liam (6), Emma (5), Adele (2), Romy
The Albert Family
 Batya Nadler and Matt Albert
Englewood, Kehilat Kesher
Charlie (K), Adin (Pre-K), Ellie
The Bersson Family
Sarah and David Bersson
Teaneck, Congregation Keter Torah
Izzy (BPY'18 - Frisch), Bernie (BPY'21 - Frisch), Boaz (8)
The Chester Family
Jennifer and Alexander Chester
Englewood, East Hill Synagogue and
Kehilat Kesher
Erez (5), Koby (3), Eli (1), Benji
The Cohen Family
Cohen Family
 Dena and Natan Cohen
Teaneck, Shaare Tefillah
Eliana ('18 - Frisch), Batya (7), Meital (2)
The Epstein Family
Kara and Oren Epstein
Englewood, Kehilat Kesher
Max (BPY '20 - Sar), Zoey (BPY '22 - Sar), Hank (7), Leo (5)
The Goldstein Family
Stacy and Seth Goldstein
Teaneck, Arzei Darom
Collin (BPY '22- Frisch), Rowan (7), Brecken (5)
The Kozak Family
Rozy and Ami Kozak
Englewood, East Hill Synagogue
Kayla (4), Maysh (3), Eliana (K), Koby
The Mechaly Family
Lauren and Jonathan Mechaly
Paramus, Congregation Beth Tefillah
Alissandra (3), Isabelle (1), Elianna (K) Sebastian (T)
The Mizrahi Family
Michelle and Reuven Mizrahi
Englewood, Congregation Ahavath Torah - Benaroya Sephardic Center
Aiden (7), Ethan (7), Olivia (4), Miles (N)
The Murkoff Family
Avigayil and Baruch Murkoff
Fair Lawn, Darchei Noam
Michal (1), Thea (K), Noa (T)
The Rebhun Family 
Simone and Jason Rebhun
Englewood, Congregation Ahavath Torah
Daphne (4), Dylan (1), Carter (Pre-K), Juliet
The Rosenberg Family
Fara and Jonathan Rosenberg
Englewood, East Hill Synagogue
Kailey (7), Max (6), Ayla (2), Boaz (Pre-K),Lev
The Rosler Family
Jaclyn and Andrew Rosler
Englewood, Ohr Saadya
Max (Pre-K), Stella (T), Hailey
The Safier Family
Talya and Yoni Safier
Paramus, Beth Tefillah
Vita (8), Ezra (5), Winnie (2), Arnie (T)
The Shicly Family
Tamar and Shai Shicly
Teaneck, Shaarei Tefilah
Elisheva (BPY '23 - Maayanot), Avigail (6),
Rachel (3)
The Soussan Family
Rachelle and Isaac Soussan
Englewood, Congregation Ahavath Torah - Benaroya Sephardic Center
Sophie (5), Abraham (4), Eden (Pre-K)
The Teichman Family
Carly and Alexander Teichman
Teaneck, Shaarei Tefilah
Amanda (8), Jacob (5)
The Toporovsky Family
Jamie and Asher Toperovsky
Teaneck, Teaneck Jewish Center
Ian (BPY '21 - Frisch), Noah (BPY '21 - Frisch), Caleb (BPY '22 - Frisch), Temimah (5)
The Tracer Family
Sipporah and Daniel Tracer
Teaneck, Ohr Saadya
Sarah (7), Akiva (4), Judah (1),Joshua (N)