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Middle School

Ben Porat Yosef's middle school aims to develop young people who are confident, knowledgeable, responsible, spiritual, happy, and self-fulfilled. Our program features:
  • High academic standards in all subjects
  • A close connection to each child, understanding his/her academic, social, and emotional needs
  • A warm, welcoming environment of mutual support and respect
  • A staff of outstanding, experienced educators with proven skills at reaching and teaching all of their students
  • Preparation for success in high school
middle school
The curriculum is designed to educate our students to master both information and skills, preparing them to applytheir learning in a variety of subjects and environments. It features a full array of academic coursework. In addition to the rigorous academic program, our teaching staff is also cognizant of the importance of the students' social emotional growth. Guided by our school psychologist, teachers provide our students with the support and education necessary to help them grow into mature, well balanced young adults.
Building upon the strong Hebrew foundation developed in the Early Childhood and Elementary grades, our students have the ability to comfortably engage and actively participate in a dual language learning environment. They are familiar with both American and Israeli cultures and can now truly appreciate the beauty and significance of both the Sephardic and Ashkenazic customs and cultures. The interplay of these diverse elements help our students to gain an appreciation and respect for diversity and the role it plays in our community as a whole. 
A highlight of the middle school is our comprehensive advisory program. With an awareness of the many transitions that students face as they enter and go through middle school, we offer a program that is specific to the unique needs of each grade. Our program is designed to nurture our students through transitions in a loving and supportive environment in order to prepare them for their future transition to high school. Topics discussed with students include: transition to middle school, transition to gil mitzvot, navigating social environments, puberty and sexuality, digital citizenship, responsibility and accountability, self-advocacy, guidance toward mature and independent decision-making, leadership, the high school application process, preparation for transition to high school. These topics are addressed by staff, administration and professionals in a variety of fields. In addition, students have regular opportunities to meet with each of their teachers to address their own individual learning needs. Our program focuses on developing the students' sense of self-awareness, self-efficacy, self-advocacy, and social consciousness.
Although middle school is an important period of academic and emotional growth, it is also an important transitional period as students look ahead to their high school experience. Beginning in seventh grade, students and their parents are guided through the process of preparing for and applying to high school. We partner with our parents to assist students in understanding the application process and helping them to determine the direction that is best for them.
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The BPY middle school experience is also enhanced by a wide range of co- and extracurricular activities and experiences. Built into the school day are opportunities for students to explore a variety of multiple intelligences during electives. Staff members have an opportunity to share their hobbies, interests and skills that may fall beyond the scope of the classroom. Students can select three electives throughout the year. During this period, students are grouped by their interest rather than age or skill level. In addition, there are extracurricular activities including team sports, academic competitions, Chidon HaTanach, yearbook, Thespian Society, guest lecturers, chesed opportunities, extended day trips, overnight trips, and shabbatonim. Our co-curricular program also strives to empower students to suggest and implement their own original projects and ideas. Some examples include the formation of the middle school student council, inception of a school newspaper, student run fundraisers and the many innovations created during our Discovery Learning Day.