Elementary School

Ben Porat Yosef provides its Elementary School students (grades 1-5) with a superior education in both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies and a commitment to reaching each learner as a unique individual. We pride ourselves on providing a program that inspires, challenges and engages our students in all areas. We offer the most rigorous Hebrew immersion program of any yeshiva day school in the country, with all our Limudei Kodesh classes taught Ivrit b'Ivrit. At BPY, Hebrew is a living language, taught in an authentic manner by our  Israeli shlichim, who infuse not only their classrooms but the entire school with a love of the Hebrew language and the frequent use of Hebrew in casual interaction and at school and community events.
Limudei Kodesh:
Our students are able to read and understand Chumash, Navi, Mishna and the siddur thanks to our Hebrew immersion program. We encourage and support students' acquisition and internalization of both interpersonal values (bein adam lachavero) and religious values (bein adam lamakom).
mesiba siddurTorah study classes are often conducted in small learning groups, fostering strong connections between the students and their rav or teacher. Chumash is taught with ta'amei hamikra (Torah cantillations) using the traditional Sephardic model beginning in first grade. Starting in fifth grade, students are also taught cantillations using the Ashkenazic model. Students learn textual pshat and textual complexities and commentaries, and the core value concepts of Jewish thought. 
Halacha (Jewish law) is taught according to both Sephardic and Ashkenazic tradition, providing students with an appreciation for the diverse customs and traditions practiced by Jews around the world. Our formal tefillah (prayer) program helps students explore the meaning behind various prayers and works in strong concert with our Hebrew immersion program to ensure our students understand what they are saying to Hashem.
Beginning in 3rd grade, students study the mishna beginning with Pirkei Avot, transitioning to the study of Gemara in Middle School. Beginning in 4th grade, students learn Navi by studying Sefer Yehoshua, and continue in the order of the nevi'im through the 8th grade. 

General Studies:
Students learn a rigorous program of math, science, English language arts, and social studies.
In math, students attain both technical skills and a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts through discovery learning. Teachers incorporate concrete, pictorial and abstract components, and emphasize mastery of basic computational skills and their application to problem solving. 
BPY embraces a balanced literacy approach. Our students learn in a rich reading environment that builds on our Early Childhood program. Through daily exposure to various genres ofliterature, students sharpen their comprehension and critical thinking skills as they are encouraged to search for inferences, themes and deeper meanings. 
Social Studies follows a cross-curricular progression over the year and focuses on instilling a deep understanding in our students about the way the world works and the rich tapestry of diverse populations and cultures that coexist inside it.  As BPY celebrates diversity in our own Jewish community, we similarly help our students gain an appreciation for the multiculturalism of our greater world. Units of study include communities, geography, civics and history.
ES scienceScience at BPY is approached in a hands-on way that emphasizes inquiry-based learning and thinking about the world. Under the guidance of Morah Jean, our science specialist, students enjoy two separate science classes each week in which they are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers through interactive activities and experiments. Once a year, the entire school participates in our famous "Discovery Learning Day," which is an entire day dedicated to presenting students with a single challenge and enabling them to discover solutions in grade-appropriate experiments and projects.
Our students utilize technology from Kindergarten onward. In 1st and 2nd grades, students learn the fundamentals of coding in a weekly class. In Kindergarten through 5th grade, we also have iPad carts and stations and a Chromebook cart to be used for directed and project- based learning.  All BPY classrooms, beginning in kindergarten, are equipped with SMART Boards as well. As part of the school’s “jumping into the STREAM” (science, technology, robotics, engineering, art, and math) initiative, we have introduced robot toys, coding games, 3D printers, and 3D design software to integrate concepts of digital fluency, in fulfillment of the standards of the National Education Technology Program, and to provide the students with a background in programming and engineering skills that will set them up for success in high school, college, and beyond. Students also use digital and online educational resources and carefully curated apps to extend and transform their learning, conduct research, create multimedia projects, and practice skills.