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שלום וברוכים הבאים לאתר של בית-הספר בן פרת יוסף!
RSZIt is a pleasure and privilege for me to welcome you to BEN PORAT YOSEF (BPY), a singular community of students, teachers, and parents all working together in a warm, nurturing environment as we pursue academic rigor and excellence in למודי קודש - Limudei Kodesh (Judaic Studies) and למודי חכמה - Limudei Chokhmah (General Studies). We at BPY believe passionately that these two elements – embracing warmth and a devotion to excellence – can and must exist in combination in order to develop confident, joyful, skilled and empowered learners ready to excel and succeed in the 21st century!

BPY's vision includes a strong emphasis on skills-based learning where students are given the tools to understand new ideas, search for knowledge, and apply creative and critical thinking skills to solve problems and meet challenges in an ever-expanding world of rapid change and technological advancement.
As a result of our special Hebrew immersion program, our students have earned a reputation for their fluency and sophistication in Ivrit (עברית). Our unique Shlichim (שליחים) program, which brings trained educators from Israel to BPY, allows our students and families greater insight into how we as the BPY community can experience and live Torat Yisrael (תורת ישראל), Am Yisrael (עם ישראל), Eretz Yisrael (ארץ ישראל), and Medinat Yisrael (מדינת ישראל) day in and day out.  BPY’s beautiful Chodesh B’Chodesh (חדש בחדש) program celebrates Sephardic and Ashkenazic heritage and cultures in tandem, and guides our students toward achdut Yisrael (אחדות ישראל) and love for the entirety of the Jewish people. 
As you explore the pages of this website and walk through the halls of BPY you will see the ideals and values of our wonderful family reflected in our progressive education, our amazing achievements, and the talents of our students all translated into reality in a myriad of wonderful ways. I welcome you on this exciting journey.
בכבוד רב ובאיחולים לבביים,
Rabbi Saul Zucker
Head of School