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NJAIS/MSC-CESS Accreditation

Ben Porat Yosef is fully accredited by the prestigious New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS) as well as the Middle States Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSC-CESS). Our exceptional Yeshiva, comprising pre-K-8, is the only Yeshiva Day school in Bergen County, New Jersey accredited and recognized by NJAIS & MSC-CESS. We join a respected community of elite, private New Jersey schools that meet the standards of this national organization.

The NJAIS committee cited several noteworthy qualities of our school in endorsing our membership in this impressive group of educational institutions, including our dedication to academic excellence, our fidelity to our mission, our concern for student learning, our passion for achievement, and our high standards in every area of our school's program.

The accreditation procedure itself took two years, during which time every important aspect of our school was examined in depth. Over a two-year period, faculty members met in small and large groups to assess and evaluate all facets of our educational program, including the academic, social, emotional, and religious ones, as well as our commitment to Zionism, the staff, school finances, counseling and health, governance, and technology. The English, language arts, religious education, social studies, history, mathematics, science, world languages, visual and performing arts, and physical education curricula were all reviewed by teams of teachers and administrators as they examined best practices for school leadership and our articulated standards for educational success.

Our 200-page report, the product of our two-year self-study, was expertly written and carefully detailed the advantages and goals of BPY. Members of the NJAIS & MSC-CESS team carefully read the self-study, getting acquainted with the history, curriculum, and culture of BPY. The three ensuing exhausting days were spent examining for accuracy in reporting and our dedication to our objective as they observed courses, spoke with children and parents, looked over safety procedures, and scrutinized the site and building.

The chair of the visiting committee summarized the visit of the 7 professionals from private schools in New Jersey by saying, "the effective alignment of the mission statement with the schools beliefs and the profile of a graduate; the steadfast embodiment of Jewish life, values, knowledge, Zionism, culture, and traditions as a faith-based school; and the warm, inclusive environment for all students, faculty, staff, and community is evident throughout all facets of the school and its programming."

The faculty, students, and administration in our school community deserve a great deal of praise. The visiting committee strongly complimented our outstanding teachers. Our enthusiastic and involved students graciously and confidently welcomed our guests. Many of the self-activity studies were led by our administration from every division, and they also skillfully planned the visiting team's timetable. The group praised our governance structure for advancing our goals and praised our lay leaders for joining us in this laudable and holy quest. Our school may be proud of this significant accomplishment.