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Grandparents' Association

Our Grandparents Association aims to foster a strong connection between our grandparent body and school. Grandparents are important role models for their grandchildren, and we are happy to invite these special men and women to a number of events and programs throughout the year to encourage this important relationship. We invite grandparents to become involved in a number of ways and attend a number of special programs, including two Grandparents and Special Visitors Days, each year. 

Grandparents Circle

This Leadership Giving Circle depends on grandparents’ significant investment in BPY. Gifts of $10,000 or more to the BPY Annual Fund will be recognized as sponsors at all Grandparent Events, Annual Dinner eJournal, and Walkathon. Members of this Circle will not be solicited for additional funds throughout the year.

Early Childhood Bagel Brunch Event Sponsorship Opportunities

(includes tickets for up to two adults and four children)
Shemesh: $360

Kochavim: $180

Keshet: $136

Ilanot: $108

Prachim: $72

Standard Admission to the event:

$18 per adult
$5 per child


Grandparents Day

Ahava: $3,600

Shalom: $1,800

Nachat: $1,000

Simcha: $720

Sasson: $540

Hatzlacha: $360

Bracha: $180