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Annual Support FAQs

  1. Why is the BPY Annual Fund important?
Without the BPY Annual Fund, the school would need to reduce every budget line to cover expenses. The Annual Fund is unrestricted giving which enables us to enhance programs and facilities, attract top-notch teachers and keep tuition in check as much as possible. 
  1. Who supports the BPY Annual Fund?

Every BPY family plays an active role in the school community. Our parents, grandparents, alumni parents, trustees, friends, faculty and staff share the responsibility of meeting the school’s educational goals and ensuring a soundly governed and financially healthy institution. Many donors take advantage of their employer’s matching gifts programs, doubling or tripling their gifts to the school. 

  1. How much should I give to the BPY Annual Fund, and how much of a difference can my gift really make?

Ideally, current parents identify BPY as one of their top philanthropic priorities and recognize that their contributions make a significant impact. Gifts to the BPY Annual Fund range from $1 to significant gifts like $5,000 and above. We encourage families to consider giving at the Leadership Gift Level $1,800 or more, if they are able. Leadership gifts ensure that we raise the necessary additional funds for our students – above and beyond what tuition covers – to support our program, faculty, and facilities.

Our Pre-K-8 school has fewer supporters than larger K-12 independent schools or universities, and therefore it is even more critical for us to have a higher percentage of supporters. Your contribution, when added to those of hundreds of other supporters, can have a large collective impact. Your participation encourages others to give and sends a message to our community that BPY makes a difference. Gifts at any amount count, and we are grateful for gifts at any and all levels. 

  1. Should I give if I receive financial aid?

Yes. Even though many families make financial sacrifices to pay their tuition, it is still important for every member of our community to participate in the Annual Fund at some level. Every single dollar counts. Consider sending your child(ren) into school with your family tzedakah box and setting an important example for them about giving back. 

  1. What is more important: the BPY Annual Fund or the Scholarship Fund?

They are both extremely important and serve different purposes. The BPY Annual Fund supports the general operating budget while the Scholarship Fund (directly tied to our Walkathon) proceeds are specifically designated for need-based financial aid. The Scholarship Fund support helps extend our ability to service a wide range of students and families and makes us a better school and stronger community. We hope everyone will consider supporting both of these important initiatives each year. 

  1. Is BPY eligible for Matching Gifts?

Yes! BPY is grateful to the many corporations that support BPY through generous matching gift programs. Please ask your employer about Matching Gift Programs that support schools. This is a great way to double and sometimes triple your gift to BPY! 

  1. When should I make my Annual Fund commitment?

Our fiscal year runs July 1st through June 30th.  The school budget and funding decisions are based on both pledges and donations.  We encourage all supporters to make their gift or pledge as early as possible, and are grateful for those who are able to make their commitments before December 31st.